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  • Words limit the magnitude of Ultimatum. You have to experience and live it to see what's possible for you in this life.– – Rachel Sheinbein

  • A.W.E. is a must for everybody who wants to gain insight on who they are and their purpose in life.– – Connie Schottky

  • Dear Marina, Thank you for everything you, Donny and Jackie did for me and every single one of us on the beautiful Formica isle! It was the most dazzling of experiences, and I remain infinitely grateful xxoo So much love and all my gratitude,– – Kat Zandvakili

  • Absolutely fantastic. Blew my previous baseline out of the water. Entraining is a whole new experience. I am having a whole new experience of myself, the field and the practice member as a whole.–- Sara O'Neill

  • I experienced this seminar as the breaking point and the starting point for a higher level of understanding, integrating and bringing this work out of congruence, depth and authenticity.–- Anna Ahlefeldt

  • As for the office/practice post-Gate, it's juicy. The common statement from practice members is "That never happened before" or "I never felt that before". The Gate took what we learned at the Mastery and showed me how it's practiced, so I thank you from the depths of my heart for that experiential gift. Love you, man.–- Matthew Howe

  • Both the NSA Level 2 and Mastery were out of this world and the experience of practice members is testament to the shift in consciousness and energy that you have helped us to tap in to. My practice, our community and I thank you for sharing your gifts so liberally and effectively. Many, many thanks.–- Dave Hill

  • Ultimatum....what have you done with me?? I feel sooooo much more... did food always taste so flavorful that I wiggle in my seat? Did music always sound so compelling that I have no choice but to dance? Did touch ever feel so beautiful that I melt as your hand touches mine? Have my loved ones always been so sacred that it almost hurts to love them? Has the way the day just flows along ever been so synchronistic that I look up to the sky and shout "wow!" Has there truly been so much magic to explore that I hunger for each moment to reveal its next secret to me? Has love always been so loud? Whose eyes are these? Whose ears? Whose heart that sees such beauty? ...to exchange into a more energized version.... Wow... Is it possible that this world has always been this beautiful and ALIVE and it was waiting for me to receive? Ultimatum...what have you done with me?–- Nanilea Diamond