For 35 years, Dr. Donny Epstein has been at the forefront of advancing the chiropractic profession and the global wellness movement. Founder and developer of Network Spinal Analysis, his models and methods have been researched at universities, incorporated into post-graduate programs in several disciplines, published extensively in professional journals, and featured on television as well as in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world.

Having studied with some of chiropractic’s greats, Donny will share, for the first time in North America, some of the most essential skills he has learned over the past four decades. Today, a healing and chiropractic master in his own right, Donny has amassed through practice, studies and creation of techniques and applications, the vital skills, tools and strategies that are essential for all chiropractors – regardless of their chosen technique.

There are secrets of healing, communication, understanding and connecting with those you serve, rarely discussed in the chiropractic profession, or which have been lost with the passing of some of the chiropractic greats upon whose shoulders we now stand. If you are looking to create chiropractic mastery in YOUR practice or to simply better serve your patients, this program is a MUST!

In this program you will:

  • Discover a new understanding of the relationship between an individual’s spinal findings and their health, well-being, consciousness states and life experiences.
  • Learn how to transcend technique, and truly read the body’s adaptive language to increase your clinical effectiveness.
  • Acquire more effective palpation skills, and learn how to passively receive information about the patient/practice member in ways you may have never dreamed possible.
  • Understand profound concepts in relating health challenges and spinal defense strategies to spinal findings and your technique’s applications.
  • Learn how to improve function and physiology in individuals with symptoms or health challenges.
  • Learn a chiropractic master’s way of being and touching when assessing and adjusting the spine.
  • Find out what vertebral fixation REALLY is and know more about retracing, tracking and predicting progress.
  • Enhance your understanding of pain and discover how to communicate pain as an invitation to change.
  • Learn simple universal spinal techniques to get massive changes.
  • Gain new insights into physical, emotional, mental or chemical stress, and how to predict the type of responses and changes a person will see in care.
  • Recognize how the spine modulates the stress response, emotions and the sense of self and use this knowledge to increase relevancy of care for just about everyone!
  • Discover through palpation how to know when a life defense pattern or “cause” has occurred, what type of stress produced it and how it is currently influencing the individual.
  • Achieve instantaneous rapport and speak to their higher desires, rather then speaking to client’s fears.
  • Develop new tools for assessing spinal change and progress.

What people are saying about the program:

    “Mastery is an ongoing process. Donny is a powerful model for us all to life our standards in life for the service of others.” Dr. Ken Stewart
    “My experience at this program was outstanding. It gave me a huge insight into how to have a break-through experience with a patient and how to effectively communicate wellness, health and chiropractic!” Dr Pritesh Patel
    “Concise presentation of a wealth of experience and insight.” Dr. Fiona Boyle
    “All chiropractors must know the things that were presented in this seminar. Fantastic!” Dr. Fiona Glenn
    “You know when you are in the presence of a true master and genius – Dr. Donald Epstein is just that.”
    Dr. Oskar Lindback


This is an exceptional opportunity to step up your skills and gain greater Chiropractic Mastery with Dr. Donny Epstein. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about chiropractic, but were afraid to ask or had no one to ask.

This interactive program, suited to ALL Chiropractors and Chiropractic students, seeking to improve patient health and well-being, will sell out quickly!

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