Epstein Lecture

Epstein Bio Donny Epstein’s EPI-Energetic technologies extend from evolutionary health care, self-help tools and personal typologies to organizational enhancement through the conscious and ecological use of energy and information to produce the extraordinary.

In his 20’s he first envisioned an expanded health care paradigm. His observations in chiropractic practice led him in 1984 to teaching chiropractors his Network method. In 1987, Donny discovered how to initiate a spinal wave with unique transformational and health properties. Articles based upon university research have been published about its self-organizing properties. Different in each individual, it is a human identifier and has been shown to create CNS coherence at a distance.

The largest patient self-assessment study of health-related quality of life in 1995 led to groundbreaking understandings. Thousands of references to the mathematical properties of this wave have since been made in medically indexed journals.

Donny’s revolutionary model of Reorganizational Healing was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary medicine, and subsequently journals of integral theory and transpersonal practice.

His understanding of the energetics of change expanded to a unique modelling of the human biofield and development of systems to interact with this field – achieving both what spiritual traditions promise and modern science proposes.

Epstein’s systems of personal care include Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration. Academic and popular authors have referenced or written about his work. A charismatic public presenter, Donny’s scope of knowledge engages academic and lay audiences alike. Currently, corporate applications of Epi-Energetic principles are being presented and received enthusiastically by many organizations.

Author of four books, co-author of several articles, and having personally worked with hundreds of thousands of individuals, Donny has trained doctors, students and lay people in his methods.

Praised as a genius and outrageous cultural creative by celebrities like Tony Robbins and Ken Wilber, he is sought out by people seeking the extraordinary through his knowledge of the dynamics of energy and information from multi-dimensional realms.

Donny and his wife are blessed to share special times at home in Boulder Colorado with four adult children and eight delightfully energetic grandchildren.