Chiropractic Mastery with Donny Epstein, D.C.


Chiropractic Mastery with Donny Epstein, D.C.

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Product Description

For the past four decades, Dr. Donny Epstein has been at the forefront of advancing the chiropractic profession and the global wellness movement. Having studied with many of chiropractic’s greats and applied, refined and evolved the gifts received from them, Donny is outstanding today as a modern day Chiropractic Master. In this CHIROPRACTIC MASTERY PROGRAM he shares his most valued and essential skill sets amassed in a lifetime committed to excellence. Within you will find vital skills, tools and strategies that are essential for all chiropractors seeking to deliver the extraordinary – regardless of technique practiced.

Chiropractic Mastery - Workbook
The Chiropractic Mastery Notebook

Chiropractic Mastery - CDs
7 Video DVDs
(Universal Format)
Including EXCLUSIVE “around the table” clinical hands-on workshops with the Master himself!

Chiropractic Mastery - DVDs
10 Audio CDs

This Program Reveals:

  • The historical and clinical threads in Donny’s journey to modern day Mastery.
  • New understandings of the relationship between spinal findings and an individual’s health, well being,consciousness states and personal life experiences.
  • How to transcend technique and truly read the body’s adaptive language to increase your clinical effectiveness, and create Chiropractic Mastery with those you serve.
  • A Chiropractic Master’s way of being when assessing and adjusting the spine.
  • Donny’s model for effectively communicating the gift of pain.
  • Simple universal spinal care techniques to get massive changes.
  • Priceless new tools for assessing spinal change and progress.
  • Ways to achieve instantaneous rapport and speak to a client’s higher needs rather then to their fears.
  • The skill sets behind the masterful chiropractic adjustment that can enable you to increase theeffectiveness of every adjustment you deliver!
  • The true meaning of Chiropractic Mastery – and how to achieve it.

...and so much more!!

Here you will find the answers you seek to questions you may have been afraid to ask or had no one to ask. This rare chance to embrace mastery, gain skills to communicate YOUR message with greater clarity, connect more fully with those you serve and learn the unique teachings of one of chiropractic’s living Masters is within your reach.

In life there are pivotal moments, and for you this is one of them. You are faced with a decision as you read the cover text about this collection of Chiropractic gems designed to help you step up to Mastery. You NOW have the opportunity to access Donny Epstein’s wealth of experience and the success secrets contained within. It is time to step up your life and practice to the highest level possible!

The future is in your hands….

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