Reorganizational Healing Seminar CD Set: Recorded Live!


Reorganizational Healing Seminar CD Set: Recorded Live!

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Reorganizational Healing represents the central organizing principles of Donny Epstein’s life-to-date work! In this live seminar recording, Donny Epstein explores and delves into the fundamentals of Reorganizational Healing, the Triad of Change, the 4 Cycles of Well-being, utilization of the 5 EnergeticIntelligences and so much more. Epstein, always pushing the edge of possibility, synthesizes 25+ years of wisdom into approachable ideas and strategies easy to integrate into personal professional practice.

This program is timely and applicable to: Network Spinal Analysis practitioners, Somato Respiratory Integration wellness educators, practicing chiropractors, chiropractic students, allied health professionals, practice members and people interested in the Epstein Emerging Discipline!

This is one program that you will want to listen to again, and again. Filled with ground-breaking models, sustainable strategies and easy to use exercises, the Reorganizational Healing Seminar CD set is guaranteed to be life changing!

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