The Boomerang Principle


The Boomerang Principle

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There is a very special powerful boomerang that brings to you people, events, and circumstances.

So begins Donald Epstein’s second book, The Boomerang Principle, released in December, 1995. The Boomerang Principle, covered in deep blue with gold foil letter and boomerangs, contains over sixty pages, each with one poignant sentence or aspect of The Boomerang Principle.

The Boomerang Principle goes well beyond conventional notions of cause and effect. “Your Boomerang came into this world with you” is followed on the next page by, “It is your umbilical cord to the world of unlimited possibilities.”

“Your Boomerang will bring you more prosperity, strength, acceptance, health, wisdom, joy, and sexuality than your conscious mind can conceive.” Then turn the page, “But not more than your body mind calls for . . . and not one bit less.”

The book is artfully typeset, and makes a perfect gift. A small, golden boomerang moves from its starting point at the beginning of the book in a full arc, then returns to that starting point, visually demonstrating the Boomerang Principle at work. Open this magical book again and again. The Boomerang Principle will expand the reader’s horizons each time it’s pages are opened.

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