ULTIMATUM: The Journey For A New Humanity
July 30 – August 6, 2018 – Denver, CO

Westin Westminster (800) WESTIN1

ULTIMATUM ASIA: The Journey For A New Humanity
September 29 – October 6, 2018 – Guangzhou, China


Ultimatum: The Journey For A New Humanity is an intimate one week intensive with Donny Epstein where you will explore the invisible forces that shape your life, body, and destiny. This in-depth educational and experiential interactive program is designed for you to better understand your energetic constitution, and how to live your nature effortlessly, by jump starting those aspects which tend to be more challenged.

ULTIMATUM, is the most in depth and extensive Epstein journey to date into the Epstein Exchange Energetics. You will experience 8 days of “Donny sessions”, as well as in depth classes and interactive “pod” groups. You will have an in depth experience of the Epstein Exchange Energetics and Reoganizational Living technologies to further enable you to map out and explore your Energetic Constitution, Orienting Rays of Consciousness, Triad of Change, Sacred Seasons, the soul threads in your life, your soul style, energetic sentinels, and much, much more.

At ULTIMATUM you will gain better understanding of “how you do you” – and the exquisite perfection of everything that has shaped and will continue to shape you into the person you were born to be. Experience the nature of your energetic exchanges and how to access the version/person you must be – whenever you desire, at this “full on” immersion experience of your energetic incarnation. This is THE highest level program offered with Donny Epstein! Learn to effortlessly and sustainably live the life you were designed to live at ULTIMATUM.

ULT Group“There is nothing that has transformed me like ULTIMATUM. I am simply not the same person who went in and I am profoundly, deeply grateful for that. Come if you are ready to be the person you were meant to be! “
– Marshall Zweig

“While I truly can barely remember the woman I was when I came to ULTIMATUM, I also feel a shift in myself that is so profound I can only describe as, well divine grace.”
– Jody Lewis

“Why go to ULTIMATUM? Incredible experience, sacred community, profound shift… You have nothing to lose but who you are not- and nothing to gain but YOURSELF!”
– Deb Ayer

Discover Transform Awaken Integrate

Your Soul’s Style and Gifts

Greater resources and awareness to share your gifts with the world

How you use the Triad of Change and how to create lasting change in your life

The Season of Life you have been living, & how to get to the Season you are being called to be in

Your Energetic make-up and rules you apply to your Energetic expression

Instantaneous acceptance and exchange to the You that you need to be

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Applicants for Donny Epstein’s Premier Programs consistently exceed available spaces, early submission of your completed application materials is encouraged and increases your chance of approval. In the selection process all complete applications (program registration with accompanying forms) are individually reviewed by Donny Epstein to round out the field and create a powerful experience for all attendees.