Advance the NETWORK WAVE for greater spinal coherence and transpersonal awakening!
AWAKEN new possibilities in the care you provide and the impact you can have on the lives of those you touch. AWAKEN that which you KNOW you have always wanted to deliver in your practice!


Awaken Care Experience

    • Explore the implications of spinal, somatic, respiratory, and cardiac entrainment
    • Discover effortless transitions to speed up progression from NS Level Two Care into Awaken Care
    • Sponsor individuals toward the awakening of their inner heart and transpersonal experience
    • Learn the Long Lever Arm maneuver, the Iliac Crest, Extension Positive, and the force applications unique to Awaken Care
    • Understand the progression through the three aspects of Awaken Care, as the thoracic oscillator becomes more primary, and the other spinal oscillators entrain to the pace setter of the “heart”
    • Learn about the Season of Awaken and development of Network Care and Reorganizational Healing from the transpersonal (beyond the rational mind) perspective.
    • Realize the power of integrating Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Awaken stages throughout the Levels of Care
    • Transform your understanding of the physiology of Awaken Care to harness integrated spinal strategies for accelerated change
    • Awaken Wellness Care and beyond!


Enjoy The Excitement Shared For The Upcoming Level 3 Experience!

Up to 22 Continuing Education hours may be available.
CLICK HERE for the list of approved states (list will be continually updated as confirmations are received)
If a particular state or province is not listed,
please contact the EpiEnergetics office immediately for assistance (303) 678-8086.
With advance notice, there may be an opportunity to apply to additional states/provinces.

*CE Credits additional fee, where applicable


October 26-28, 2018- Denver, CO
Awaken Care Experience


YOU may attend this program if you are a Chiropractor or Chiropractic student who has attended either a Network Spinal Analysis Level 2 Seminar or an Intermediate-Advanced Care Seminar.  It is suggested that chiropractic students be enrolled in the last year of school prior to attending the program.