Master-E with Donny Epstein

October 2018 – September 2019

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In his year long Master-E program Donny articulates how he developed his level of mastery and how you can too!

Multiple dimensions and multiple perspectives are only part of the exciting material addressed in your monthly modules. The new Pain Integration Experience will enable you to serve people with debilitating pain – turning them from patients to practice members in less then 10 minutes!

Make your technique part of a larger package you will deliver! In your Master-E year you will learn how to bring Network into a far bigger picture … beyond Reorganizational Healing … into a model of extraordinary care where your mastery of energy and information instantly shift your clients through multiple dimensions!

Integrating energy and information and your field’s impact on those you serve are vital preludes to your taking the lead as the market’s demand for EpiEnergetics explodes! More practitioners with these skills will be needed in 2019.

Both near grads and new grads are encouraged to join our growing Master-E community.

The Master-E life event with Donny Epstein is an exclusive opportunity for a select group of individuals who are dedicated to unparalleled learning and embodying the being-ness, knowingness and presence of a Master. The “E” in Master-E is about Energy, the Extraordinary, and how it manifests in life, practice and the world. The “E” is also for Epstein, your guide in this journey and a true Master in his own right. Participants will receive unparalleled content, information and access to Donny that will help build future global leadership in Reorganizational Healing and Living.

Master-E LIVE Intensive Dates:
LIVE #1- February 2019 – Denver, CO
LIVE #2- June 2019 – Denver, CO



Be a part of an exclusive group accepted participating in the 12 month Master-E life event.

Train and learn with Donald Epstein PERSONALLY, directly, virtually and asynchronously.

Experience an event designed to take you to a radically advanced and evolved level of Mastery-E, learning applications never before taught.

Explore unchartered territory in what is possible when serving people and increasing demand for your gifts as a Master beyond just your technique or professional title.

Study with globally recognized experts in various disciplines such as leadership, consciousness, medicine, biology and physics, practice development, community, strategic alliances and more.

Be a part of a group of diverse and energy-rich leaders committed to redefining what is possible in the world.

Be challenged and accountable. Live and work the fundamental teachings of Reorganizational Living and the Epstein Technologies to deepen and expand your life experience.



Event Features

Master-E Modules with Donny – Each month you will explore a new domain in the Master-E program delivered to you via distance learning and available for review on-line. All Modules integrate concepts with practical applications for your practice and life!

Raw Wisdom with Donny Epstein and Special Guest – The Master-E program also premiers Raw Wisdom with Donny Epstein. Raw Wisdom calls will feature Donny and a globally recognized expert and leader in wide-reaching areas having unedited ‘raw’ discussions on fascinating and impactful topics.

Q&A with Donny – Each month Donny will answer the most relevant and thought-provoking questions received from Master-E members. Topics are limited only by the far reaches of where this quest for Mastery takes us!

Master-E Peer Group Community – As a member of the program you will be invited to an exclusive on-line group where you can connect and discuss Master-E program content with other committed Master-E members.

Articles of The Month – Master-E challenges you to more fully engage with the world around you. Each month you will receive a review of select research articles that impact your practice and world. Summarized and distilled into their most impactful essence, these articles will be more accessible for easy comprehension and conceptual implementation.

Master-E Intensives – Your Master-E journey includes two private LIVE programs with Donny Epstein!