Network Spinal Analysis Certification Exams

There are three parts to N.S.A. Certification. Part I is a written examination for certification in the Basic and Intermediate Levels of Care. Part II is a written examination on the Advanced Level of Care. Part III is a practical examination for testing hands on skills in applying the clinical material.

What might written certification mean to me, and to others?

It means more than just a certification on your wall. It provides what both doctors and their patients/members have asked for, a means of knowing if practitioner has achieved a high level of mastery of current N.S.A. material. N.S.A. Certification will distinguish practitioners as clinical leaders in the healing arts.

Who may apply for these certification examinations?

Any D.C. or chiropractic student may apply for the N.S.A. Part I & II Certification Examinations. Part II certification will be granted upon successful completion of Part I & Part II. Part III may be taken by D.C.’s or eligible chiropractic students* upon successful completion of both the Part I and Part II Certification examinations.

*Students taking the Part III certification examination must be within their last year of chiropractic school to be eligible. Part III certification for students passing the Part III examination will be granted upon graduation.

When will the next series of Certification Examinations take place?

Both Part I and Part II Certification Examination will be offered following the Intermediate or Advanced Care Intensives. Both Part I and Part II Examinations may be taken sequentially on the same day. The Part III Practical Examination will be offered following the Awaken Care Seminar program.

What are the fees for the Examinations?

The fee for each written certification examination is $150 (refresher $100), and $375 (refresher $300) for the Part III practical examination.