Awakening With Epstein – Melbourne – March 2015

Enriching, education, exceeds expectation, uncovering new emotions, memories, inspirations, love, laughter. How profound to experience the field beyond “me”. – Lolita Letunica


Awakening With Epstein – Denver – March 2015

This [program] is a must for finding the joy and truth of your essence and purpose in life. – Sandra Humphrey

A.W.E. is a must for everybody who wants to gain insight on who they are and their purpose in life. – Connie Schottley


ULTIMATUM: The Journey of a Lifetime – Denver – January 2015

Words limit the magnitude of Ultimatum. You have to experience and live it to see what’s possible for you in this life. – Rachel Sheinbein

I felt a dissonance between who I was and I who I knew I could be. I feel aligned in body, emotion, thought and spirit with who I am. It is freedom. – Richard Burright

If you are looking for the peak of human evolution, this is the program for you!. – Ivan Polic

NSA Level 2 Seminar – Como, Italy – November 2014

I experienced this seminar as the “breaking point” and the “starting point” for a higher level of understanding, integrating and bringing this work out of congruence, depth and authenticity.  – Anna Ahlefeldt


NSA Level 2 Seminar and Mastery Level Intensive – Part 1 – Como, Italy – November 2014

A huge thanks for a great weekend.  Both the level 2 and Mastery were out of this world and the experience of practice members is testament to the shift in consciousness and energy that you have helped us to tap in to. My practice, our community and I thank you for sharing your gifts so liberally and effectively. Many, many thanks!  – Dave Hill

Absolutely fantastic. Blew my previous baseline out of the water. Entraining is a whole new experience. I am having a whole new experience of myself, the field and the practice member as a whole.   – Sara O’Neill


Ultimatum: The Journey of a Lifetime – Denver – August 2014

Ultimatum….what have you done with me??I feel sooooo much more… did food always taste so flavorful that I wiggle in my seat? Did music always sound so compelling that I have no choice but to dance? Did touch ever feel so beautiful that I melt as your hand touches mine? Have my loved ones always been so sacred that it almost hurts to love them? Has the way the day just flows along ever been so synchronistic that I look up to the sky and shout “wow!” Has there truly been so much magic to explore that I hunger for each moment to reveal its next secret to me? Has love always been so loud?Whose eyes are these? Whose ears? Whose heart that sees such beauty?…to exchange into a more energized version…. Wow… Is it possible that this world has always been this beautiful and ALIVE and it was waiting for me to receive?Ultimatum…what have you done with me?  – Nanilea Diamond


Awaken To Paradise – Formica – July 2014

Dear Marina,

Thank you for everything you, Donny and Jackie did for me and every single one of us on the beautiful Formica isle! It was the most dazzling of experiences, and I remain infinitely grateful xxoo. So much love and all my gratitude.- Kat Zandvakili


Transformational Gate – Denver – June 2014

Donny & Jackie, Thank you so much for this work. I recently attended my 3rd gate (in Connecticut). I have been able to reconnect with my mom in a way that we haven’t been able to for a long time. That is such a wonderful gift for both of us. I see the wonderfulness and magic in the man that I fell in love with soon after I started this work. Thank you for allowing me to see the wonder in the world again and connect with the love that is always around us.- Kathleen Bondonna

After being in care for over a decade, I made it to my first Gate! Now I know what the buzz is about and I am still feeling it through my whole being! Thank you for the work you do! It was truly amazing to be with people who have so much love to offer and shared that love without hesitation. I am looking forward to deeper work with my amazing and gifted NSA Chiro and the next Gate! – Michele R. Law

I have WINGS! Another gate bursting with flavor!! The focus and infinite love from the staff always blows me away. I am so grateful. Grace is my reality! – Alice Tracey

Such a gift to be able to witness the transformation in the other people there, to see the peace melt over the faces of those who were stressed, to see the numerous babies with their parents and the pregnant couples; sweetness abounds! – Jill Hackenberg

Ultimatum: The Journey of a Lifetime – Denver – January 2014

Dr. Donny I cannot every express my gratitude for giving me such a gift of CARE in this program. When I am on your table and in the energetic space of your programs my life shifts and shifts and shifts, awakenings happen, life improves, everything about my already rosey outlook on life gets rosier, I must say 10 times a day: get a bigger problem; life is so good, I am so happy, I believe in the possiblities in life and I want nothing more than to give back and to make a significant different and live in my hearts/soul’s center. I am HUNGRY for more and the more I “get” this work in my body, gain more wisdom, overcome pain to get to the gifts, the more I can give. It is such a beautiful gift you give to us. I love you and appreciate you beyond measure. THANK YOU!I want to participate in my 3rd Ultimatum to continue on my path and grow in this work as it is the major aspect of my life I truly cannot live without. I will know because based on past experience I KNOW my desire to continue to peel the layers in discovery of my soul’s gift become clearer with each workshop/Ultimatum experience. Each new version is clearer, more focused, authentic, determined, driven to the light, and more compassionate and trusting. this I have experienced and that is my objective…to KEEP GROWING, LEARNING AND GIVING BACK! MORE MORE MORE MORE OF THIS!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  – Paula LeDuc