Awaken: The Embodied Experience

This world expanding one-day experience explores the depth of the Season of Awaken to assist you to embody advanced, sustainable strategies for life! The experience combines entrainment sessions, Somato Respiratory Integration exercises, classes and processes all designed to access and express the Season of Awaken.




Donny Epstein begins the experience with an introductory and informative talk. Participants are then divided into two groups. When one group is receiving entrainments, the other group will be lead through a guided SRI session which will provide explanations and answer questions on how to embody the awaken experience – how to use a higher energy state – how to integrate into another season – what does it mean for your life – etc.

Both groups will receive 1 entrainment in the morning and 1 entrainment in the afternoon.
This program builds upon and goes beyond the Transform fuel of the preceding days.