Reorganizational Living™ Seminar

This NEW program is for anyone who wishes to understand and master the science and art of fundamental change. The central focus of this intensive workshop is the application of the Epstein Triad of Change and developing a greater understanding and access to your Seasons of Wellbeing.

People speak about making changes in life, but few study the science and art of fundamental change or master their personal strategies for change

Through presentations, live demonstrations and intimate group workshops, you will recognize why sometimes you may have pain and distress and other times you effortlessly move forward in your life.

Knowledge of the Season of Wellbeing in which you live will enable you to better create what you most seek in life. By shifting your attention between the modalities of Behavior, Structure and Perception, you will find out how to instantly increase your available energy and reorganize your body and life.

At this program you will discover your Keystone and Prime Triad Strategies, both essential for effortless living and mastering progress. Through Mastery of YOUR Triad of Change you can create sustainable transformation in your personal and professional life. The way you approach health, wellness, relationships, business, play and life will reflect a new and more authentic you.

Allow this program to give you the take home tools to add more value to the changes that NSA and SRI provide in your body and your life.