Profoundly experience the 12 rhythms including SRI exercise updates and learn to instantly impact the field you share with others.

Experiencing the Extraordinary is an essential step towards an extraordinary life! This program is available for all who wish to move their lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


This program needs to be shared with humanity on a global level. I would like to see people around the world doing 12 Stages exercises everywhere, at home, in the office, outside in a park. . . just wherever a person needs it and whatever a person is facing/experiencing in life!  We all need to increase our energy to better serve the world.

CR – Hamburg, Germany


If you are wanting to experience the truth of who you are, your purpose on the plant, and your personal power, this program will serve you no matter your level of awareness. You just have to want it!

MH – Dallas, TX


If you have the desire to take your life to the next level, you must take this program. SRI for yourself, your family, and your life.

RK – Taos, NM


How can one define the beauty of discovering or confirming the value of one’s existence. This program confirmed the swirling wonderings of my soul about who I am and why I am here.

CO – Kennewick, WA