The Energetic Experience with Donny Epstein

Inspired by a very special process initiated at Donny Epstein’s Premier Programs, this unique full day ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE has been developed for you. You will get to discover, personally experience and know each of the Energetic Intelligences that organize your body and life. Core to Reorganizational Healing and Living, as well as NSA, SRI and Donny’s emerging Energetic Discipline, these Intelligences are an integral part of all Epstein Technologies.

The ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE is vital, powerful and enlightening. Directly guided by Donny Epstein himself, you will learn to recognize these energies and the Energetic Personalities that manage their expression. Described by some as sacred, and by others as the highlight of their Premier program experience, you will gain a more empowered and conscious ability to use the energetic forces that guide your life, health, relationships and the manifestation of that upon which you focus your attention.

In the Energetic Experience you will:

  • Gain an increased awareness of invisible forces that shape your life and destiny.
  • Learn the languages of the 6 energy fields that influence and organize your body and life.
  • Directly experience each of these energies, and learn to use them to fuel your interactions, healing, relationships and goals.
  • Learn how you can always make a difference and influence the space that you share with others to promote greater resourcefulness.
  • Discover and learn how to work with the energetic personalities under any circumstance to instantly shift your energy, outcomes and healing.